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Maximising Your Outdoor Space

Have you been debating whether or not to give your garden a makeover or do you have a small space and your not quite sure what to do with? Well, we at Park Furnishers are here to help with some hints and tips on how to maximise your outdoor spaces, be that a patio, garden or balcony. Smaller gardens tend to have a negative stigma attached to them however, at Park we fully believe there's potential in all gardens no matter what shape and size. There are many positives to a smaller garden, they require less maintenance, it's easier to fill the entire space, they're easy to adapt (to each season) and it's a brilliant chance to get creative, by adding any small addition be that some colour or lighting will have a dramatic effect on your garden. With the right furniture and lighting, it's possible to make even the smallest gardens seem bigger than what they really are.

There are many ways you can create an instant impact and creatively maximise your space and with careful planning, you can make a beautiful and useful space. The blog will hope to give you some insightful ideas on how to fill your outdoor space.


Hartman Outdoor Bistro Set

The layout of your garden is the first principle you look at when designing your garden and the most important feature when maximising the space of your garden. Adding zones will keep a natural flow to your garden, this is possible to do no matter what size your garden is. For example, adding a curved pathway through your garden is a brilliant way to break up space and adds a whole new perspective to your garden.

Tip - Of course its purely optional but adding gravel to your garden or making a gravel path (as mentioned above) would be a good substitute as it's low maintenance, affordable and looks great.

Bistro Sets

Garden Trading Rive Droite Bistro Set

A bistro set is the ideal piece of garden furniture for any space but even more so for small space, consisting of two chairs and table bistro sets comes in all styles and colours and suit anyone's taste. They're often built slimline and will fit on any balcony, patio or garden. they are light and easily manoeuvrable and if you get a set with fold up chairs this will maximise your space even more, as you can store them or put them on the side out of the way.

Tip - If one set is not enough but you don't have room for a dining table try combining two bistro sets together, making plenty of room for more party members without the lack of space from a dining table.

Hanging/Festoon/String Lights

A key element of garden design is lighting, without it those summer nights out back wouldn't be possible. Adding subtle light is the perfect way to create a feature in a small space, especially with hanging lights, these are perfect addition to your garden as they take up no room, they accentuate certain garden features and can be set across your whole space for dramatic effect and create a warm cosy glow right across your entire garden.

Tip 1 - If you have nowhere to hang them use poles and wrap them around the pole or alternatively use your garden fence.

Tip 2 - Avoid white and blue light, keep to a warm orange light for a warmer atmosphere.

Tip 3 - Utilise tree branches - drape them on tree branches is a creative way to hang your lights and make use of your tree (if you have one) at the same time and will offer a better range of light for al fresco dining.


Jamie Oliver Weather Ready Lounger,

Loungers are perfect for any size garden, they can be placed in a small corner of your garden or patio out of the way and take up hardly any room, who needs a big table and chair set? And similar to a bistro set loungers are great for freeing up space as they can be folded away when you don't need them.


Hartman Chartwell Two Seater Bench

Hartman Duet Set

Benches are a popular garden feature and rightly so, they're easily manoeuvrable and can be placed up against walls which is ideal if you're tight on space. A bench is perfect for a small space as they can sit up to 3 people depending on size which means you don't need a big table to entertain guests. Traditionally wooden or metal benches can blend into any style garden and there are different varieties of Bench, not just the straightforward bench, for example, a 'love seat' or duet set which consists of two chairs and table attached in the centre, ideal for you and a partner to enjoy a drink in the sun.

Modular Furniture

Extendable Table

If you decide you don't want smaller pieces of furniture but you'd rather one big piece of furniture such as a dining set you should first consider the space you have available and make sure there's enough space for everyone to sit comfortably and to be able to walk around. If you'd decide to go down this route we suggest modular furniture and more specifically an extension table, these are ideal especially when space is at a premium because they can be extended and retracted so whether you have a lot of guests or you're dining solo these are ideal.

Storage boxes/Storage bench

Hartman Large Storage Box

Who needs a shed when you can have storage boxes and benches. These are perfect if you don't have the space for a shed, stow away those unwanted items cluttering up your garden and enjoy the view while you're at it. And if you plant some foliage around the box/bench you can blend the box into the aesthetic of your garden which will also maximize space.


Pergolas, gazebo and awnings are perfect products for those summertime bbq garden parties or if you just want your patio or garden covered. Pergolas, gazebo and awnings are suitable for rain and sun however they are slightly better suited towards sun protection. Compact pergolas/gazebo/awnings are ideal if you don't have much room in your garden as they can be retracted when you'd not need them.

Artificial Turf

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is like marmite people either love it or hate but we believe it's a good solution if you're looking for low maintenance gardening and can be offered in different styles to be better suited to the customer. Although a more expensive solution to gravel and doesn't have the natural aroma as grass there are benefits to artificial grass. Firstly, it has a long lifespan of up to 15 years, it needs much less caretaking than normal grass (doesn't need cutting or watering), it can be cut into a shape to fit the style of your garden and lastly it's aesthetically pleasing in all weathers and with different shades will look good no matter what colour scheme your garden is. (Available in store)

Bright Colours -  Painted Walls

Painted Walls

A garden's decoration is just as important as your interior decoration especially if you have a small space. White paint or other light colours (pink, light blue, yellows) are often used in small spaces because of its ability to open up space and make an area seem bigger because of its brightening and lightening properties. So we suggest using light colours when painting your garden it also has the added benefit of a beautiful aesthetic that's perfect for the summer.

Vertical Planting

Similar to your house a garden has vertical dimensions usually a fence rather than a wall and ceiling, but it makes sense to use it none the less. Using the verticals it offers a unique way to showcase your plants and free up floor space. You can use a fence or trellises to support high growing/climbing plants, hanging planters and garden shelving with plants for example. This trick creates the illusion that there's more space by drawing the eye upwards and detracting the attention from a small plot.

Outdoor Mirrors

Using big mirrors in your garden can be a handy trick to maximise space, or more accurately create the illusion of more space. The use of mirrors is a trick used by established gardeners to give a new added dimension to their garden with the reflection giving a greater sense of space and light thus giving the illusion of more depth to the garden.


Firepits and Portable BBQ

Entertaining guests is still possible even with a small garden if your space is utilised properly. A small fire pit or portable bbq is the perfect way to go, they're easy to move around, small enough to store away after use and can be put anywhere in the garden and won't take up space. And they're beneficial in the evenings when the warm weather starts to die down you can move it to the seating area and keep the party going with a warm ambience.


Garden Bench, Autumn, Wooden Bench, Mood, Garden, Seat

Another illusion trick that can be beneficial to maximising your space is placing objects and the end of your garden and create the illusion that you have a bigger space than in reality.

Tip - Strategically place large shrubs or plants in front of the furniture to partially obstruct the view, it will create the illusion there's more garden beyond the shrubs to see.


The final point surrounds the concept of shape, the shape of your garden can play a major role in ensuring you're maximising your outdoor space correctly. When you have a limited amount of space you should generally go for a piece of furniture that reflects the predominant shape of your garden, for example, if you have a circular garden or patio then a round/oval table would work better as it will suit the lines better and create a better flow to your garden.


To see more of our garden furniture visit our garden furniture range over at Park Furnishers.

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