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Kitchen Innovations For 2019

We at Park Furnishers like to keep on top of the hottest kitchen trends and with trends constantly changing and evolving in the kitchen world we've compiled a list of what's hot in kitchens for 2019. If you're planning a dream kitchen or just looking to give a new lease of life to your current kitchen, now is the perfect time to start. The kitchen has vastly become a focal point for your home, the place that brings everyone together at the start and end of the day. A kitchen is now paraded and is the centrepiece of your home, so what will 2019 bring for kitchen trends? what's on its way out? With these questions in mind, we've delved deep into the kitchen world to uncover the biggest emerging trends that will help you plan your dream kitchen.

Out With The White And In With The Dark

Dark Kitchen

The major trend for 2019 will see white disappear and a rise in a dark colour palette, with a great emphasis on black, dark greens, navy and orange. There's no denying the timeless appeal of the all-white kitchen but trends come and go quickly and everything has its time and now it's time for the moodier dark hues to take over. Adding darker hues to your kitchen is a good way to add some drama to your kitchen, it's much easier to manage than white and are elegant alternatives to the standard white. Dark kitchens offer a deep luxurious atmosphere that other kitchen colour ways simply do not, covering the kitchen in a subtle dramatic essence. However, when designing a dark kitchen you must be careful not overpower the room and ultimately making the room perpetually dark. To balance this expect to see pops of colour making its way into the kitchen to add some needed warmth, to achieve this combine black with inviting woods such as walnut or oak or mix it with on-trend metals such copper, gold or bronze finishes to get the best out of your dark kitchen.

Minimal Kitchens

Hardware in 2019 is virtually disappearing giving way for seamless handleless cabinets and clean countertops. Streamline and clean lines are the terms to watch out for this year with long stretches of uncluttered surfaces is key to a modern kitchen. The term less is more could not be more fitting for a minimal kitchen and sticking with the concept of Hygge keeping your kitchen clutter free will create a much cleaner looking kitchen. We also advise keeping your kitchen joinery to a maximum of 3 colours and woods. Additionally, to achieve this look clean-lined cabinetry or horizontal cabinet pulls are the way to go and be sure to match your kitchen hardware and appliances for a modern, cohesive look throughout your kitchen. Uncluttered and pared back working areas will continue to rise through 2019 with kitchens becoming equally as aesthetically pleasing as it is practical.

Industrial Theme

With natural tones making its way into kitchens this season and adding a touch of sophistication the kitchen it almost goes hand in hand with the industrial chic look which has also grown in 2019. The natural effect creating touches of abstract and natural in small doses creating hints of semi-rustic and industrial tones. The industrial theme is one of our favourite trends this year as you can see from the Rotpunkt kitchen (as seen above) which we do here at Park, the industrial look adds rustic charm to a contemporary setting. The industrial architecture inspired finish has become an ever-increasing trend since last year and continues to grow. The tactile and bold appearance of raw concrete, plaster, rust and industrials metals are becoming more visually appealing and more and more people are hopping on this trend. However, the current industrial trend is softer, combining an industrial aesthetic with a sort of Scandinavian vibe. Think calming hues, tactile and robust surfaces, unvarnished wood and metallic accents. The modern materials give different layers and depths giving your kitchen a multi-dimensional look by containing various shades, reflecting the raw textures in the natural changes of stone and industrial materials over time. Blend these aspects with exposed structural works such as accent brick walls or exposed ceiling beams and these features are perfect for creating a chic urban industrial kitchen theme.


As previously mentioned, the industrial design continues to dominate the kitchen market which is increasing the demand for stone countertops and floors, more specifically concrete. Modern kitchens are going back to basics with the use of raw materials, perfect for contemporary and minimal kitchens concrete creates a bold, striking look and is an avant-garde method to add some luxury to your home. Concrete lends its hands to all modern kitchen trends, dark, minimal and industrial trends which is why its popularity has surged in 2019. We understand concrete might seem like an unusual choice for a kitchen especially as its a roughly new concept but given the right setting, its rustic, textured look can set just the right tone. In addition, concrete is a resilient and durable surface, it's easy to clean and has longevity similar to natural stone or wood.

Alternatively, if concrete is not for you alternative stone options are available such as quartz and granite both similar in price and as durable as concrete although granite is slightly more costly but not in comparison to marble which is yet another option if you have a higher budget. All 4 stone options are beneficial but we suggest going for concrete if you're after a more industrial look.

Smart Kitchens

In the modern day, the kitchen is the main hub in most homes and the room where we spend a lot of our time in so it would make sense that it should be the most up to date room in the house. In recent years home tech has developed at an astonishing rate and is slowly becoming a necessity, we're constantly looking for ways to make life faster and easier and the kitchen is no exception.

It’s important to consider how technology can help shape your kitchen by installing smart elements such as; WIFI functionality, touch-free taps, charging stations and smart technology such as refrigerators, cookers etc. A WIFI enabled smart kitchen allows you to customise lighting or connect smart hobs that communicate with extractor fans using sensors to update you on remaining cooking times and temperatures without the need to interfere just by a single touch on your phone. This expert feature offers a sense of freedom and is perfect when you want to de-stress after a long day at work.

An example of new kitchen technology is from Samsung and Siemens who have recently introduced a whole range of wifi enabled appliances which offer some insight into the future of kitchen tech, for instance, the smart fridge freezer which has a LED screen and you can control form your phone. The free Home Connect app allows your smartphone or tablet to connect to appliances which have the integrated chip and you can then access or remotely control them. So for example, in the supermarket you can call up photos of the interior of your fridge, taken every time you shut the fridge door, just to see if you need to buy milk. Technology integrated kitchens are becoming more popular as homeowners experiment with novel technologies, soon you'll be able to control your whole kitchen with a touch of a button.

Two Tone Cabinets

If single block colours aren't your style but you'd prefer a little variation then two-tone kitchen maybe for you, another trend that's blown up this year and is a great solution to breaking up a colour block in your kitchen and adding that aesthetic appeal especially if you're also tapping into the dark kitchen trend. This could be done by balancing your cabinets colouring with an island at the centre of your kitchen painted in an alternative colour. Another path you could take is to have darker base units mixed with lighter wall units, which gives the illusion of more space by drawing the eye upwards. To get the minimal look be sure to remember to use a material or colour that compliments both your cabinets and worktops, we suggest trend colours such as dark hues, oranges or greens with a white marble countertop.


The kitchen island has continued to be a big trend for the past couple of years and shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. They have become the focal point of the kitchen and have become a brilliant hub for socialising which is important nowadays. With its big open plan design it's great for entertaining a lot of people at once and when added with barstools make a great casual dining area without a need for a dining table. In terms of function and storage they are hugely practical they offer added preparation space when cooking and with the decline in wall cabinets in kitchens, they offer huge storage potential with fitted under-counter units.

Additionally, a new trend with kitchen islands is the waterfalls feature, a feature where it appears the surface tile appears to flow over the edge of the worktop reaching down to the floor, adding extra space for seating eliminating a need for a table if you're short on space.

With the increased size of kitchens and the kitchen island taking up the vast majority of your kitchen we're now seeing a trend for the kitchen island to extend into living room spaces and create a large open plan feature. This ensures the kitchen island can be multi-functional without cluttering up space in the kitchen.

Gorgeous Greens

A trend that has seen explode for 2019 is the colour green, green kitchen cabinetry has quickly become a key style feature in kitchens for its dramatic and luxurious effect. Bottle greens and dark forest greens are the front runners and when balanced out with latte shades, soft metallics or white and grey marble can have a modern, sophisticated look. Additionally, when combined with marble worktops and brass kitchenware the combination will help bounce light around your kitchen evenly and offset the heavier green hues. Another advantage of green is it can work in both traditional and contemporary kitchens.

Induction Cooker

Induction cookers have grown in popularity in recent years with the trend still growing thanks to the growth of other key trends such as minimalistic kitchens because of its concealed nature.  With its touch control and integrated hobs, its seamless design perfectly blends into the kitchen worktop created a minimal, uncluttered aesthetic. An added benefit of induction cookers is they utilise less heat even in smaller kitchens keeping your kitchen and surfaces cool whilst cooking making the process safer and more energy efficient. The added benefit of induction cookers is they eliminate the need for bulky obtrusive hoods instead use smaller hidden extractor fans such as the AEG hob2hood that goes a step further by connecting wirelessly to your extractor fan and automatically changes the cooking settings without the need to interfere.

Handless Cabinets

Handleless cabinets are increasingly popular kitchen feature, with the removal of all hardware they leave your kitchen with a flat and seamless look for an effortlessly stylish finish. Instead, make your life easier by integrating push-to-open mechanisms or recess handles to create smooth lines for a smart linear impression. Removing handles from your cabinets is a timeless style and gives a contemporary finish to your home keeping your kitchen in trend for years to come.

Wall Cabinets Replaced With Open Shelving

Upper kitchen cabinets are being pushed out in 2019 and being replaced with metal, wood and glass shelving. Open shelves add a bold statement to your kitchen whilst also maintaining the minimalistic look and still giving that added storage space. A sophisticated alternative to bulky wooden cabinets, glass shelves are easier to clean and look more luxurious than wood. Removing upper wall cabinets opens up the visual space making the kitchen appear much larger and brighter. It allows you to utilise the countertop space more productively.

Concealed Extractor Fans

With past trends favouring the statement hood 2019 is going against the grain and is seeing a move towards concealed extractor fans. This fits in perfectly with our desire for streamlined minimalistic kitchens. A concealed extractor fan has the ability to make the kitchen look less cluttered and draws the eyes more towards your streamlined cupboards. This will again be beneficial to the smaller kitchen because a streamlined kitchen gives the impression of more space. Concealed extractor fans can work in any kitchen style be that traditional, country, European or contemporary making it suitable for everybody.


Bringing outside accents into your kitchen is a brilliant way to add life to your kitchen. Plants will fit in perfectly to your kitchen as it has good ventilation and there's plenty of light. Plants also have the added benefit of purifying the air and filters out toxic chemicals from your kitchen which in turn reduces stress, increases alertness and creates a feeling of well-being, which is very important in this modern day. It also adds an extra lovely scent to your kitchen.

Open plan kitchen

Open plan kitchens are becoming more popular each year, more people are integrating their kitchen and living area into one big space. Modern kitchens are designed to facilitate an informal, interactive lifestyle where people can get together to entertain, socialize or work. An open concept can also make a small space feel much larger. Tearing down walls is an easy way to trick the eye into thinking that you’ve got more square footage than you really do. And as stated previously, bringing your island into the living space opens up more room for dining eliminating the need for a dining table and ultimately saving more space.

Let these upcoming trends serve as design ideas for your 2019 kitchen renovation or new home construction. These ideas combine the best in functionality and aesthetics to create the ultimate kitchen. If you are looking to get a new kitchen head over to our kitchens site and book an appointment today.

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