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Brighten Up Your Conservatory This Summer

Have you found yourself neglecting your conservatory? Or have you been thinking of giving your conservatory well overdue makeover but you just haven't got round to it yet? If your dreams of bringing extra light and space into your home have dwindled since you first invested in your extension, well you needn't worry there are plenty of ways you can breathe new life back into your conservatory and get it in tip-top shop ready for the summer. Conservatories have a unique asset of connecting to the outside world like no other room in the house can, they're designed to be a calming and relaxing getaway and the summer is when they really come int their own which is why with summer officially starting this weekend we thought we'd give you some advice on rejuvenating your conservatory.



The first and simplest step is to declutter your conservatory. It's easy to fall into the trap of allowing your conservatory to turn into a storage room and use it as a place to leave all your clutter especially during the winter months but summers here and it's time to create some space to ready for the lush warm days. Removing all the unnecessary clutter taking up your conservatory will open the space up and allow light to come right through making it more inviting for guests and giving you less anxiety about having a messy conservatory. This will be most beneficial for those who own sleek conservatory styles like the Lean-To design where space is precious.


replacement windows and roofs

A common problem most conservatory owners tend to repeat is that conservatories temperature can be temperamental during each season, it's either too cold in winter or too hot in summer, controlling the temperature of your conservatory will make it a usable room all year round and truly make it an extension of your home. However, depending on how old your conservatory is older conservatories tend not to have coated glass in their windows, which means when it comes to extreme weather the windows are unable to store or release temperature. And the added benefit f updating your windows is they'll reduce your energy bills as your not using as much heating or air conditioning, for more information visit our windows page.  Another temperature solution would be a replacement roof, if your conservatory is drafty and cold in the winter and too hot to enjoy in the summer, then it’s probably worth considering replacing the roof. Changing your roof is a fraction of the cost of a new conservatory and as long as the original glazing and structure are still in good condition, which allows you to add a new lease of life to an old unusable room. For a replacement roof, visit our conservatory extras page. Choosing a replacement roof, whether you go for solid tiled roof or panel options, a glass roof or a mix of the two, goes beyond improving the style of your extension. It will also have a positive effect on the conservatory insulation and extended the life of your construction.

Finally, if a replacement is not needed then a final feature you can add to your conservatory is a feature stove/heater. However, if you want the same abience during the warmer seasons we suggest fitting an electric version as you have the ability to turn it off when not needed.


Air conditioning 

An addition to the temperate feature air conditioning is another method of controlling the temperature of your conservatory but more suited to the warmer seasons. Although a more expensive solution air condoning is by far the most effective solution to cooling your conservatory. Air conditioning can set you back in the region £1000 to install but will allow you to control your room temperature at a press of a button. However, if you would like more bang for your buck then some units offer heating capabilities which would allow you to control your room temperature all year round and can also be a substitute to a stove or heater, as mentioned previously.


Cane Furniture

Baltimore cane furniture

Cane furniture is a timeless conservatory classic and worth considering for its durability, especially when exposed to sunlight.  Whether you're creating the perfect reading spot, making the most of your beautiful garden view or entertaining guests,  cane furniture offers plenty of choices to sit back and relax. Mixing dark natural woods like teak or walnut is effortless. For a contemporary look, pair with a plain coloured material sofa or two mismatch armchairs If you have conservatory furniture that is out of date and you cannot afford to spend money on buying new furniture. Why not add some throws over them to spruce them up with bright colours. This will add a new colour to the tired furniture.


Accessories with Flowers

Adding greenery to your conservatory is the perfect way to add some character to your conservatory and blur the lines between your indoor and outdoor space. add a calming atmosphere to your conservatory this summer by adding some ferns, palm and exotic flowers and let them flourish during the warm months adding a perfect balance of indoor and outdoor nature.  Eclectic garden furniture, plenty of potted plants and fresh flowers from the garden also work beautifully with rattan and cane furniture, creating a beautiful and relaxing environment all year round. Plenty of cushions and seat pads should keep everyone comfortable enough outside of summer, too.


Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-Fold Doors


If you want to make a big impact on your conservatory then you can't go wrong with Bi-fold doors. bi-fold doors will really brighten up your room and offer a new lifestyle that perfectly links the internal and external spaces of your home. When closed, these doors let the light in and provide ideal security for your home and when opened, they allow you to extend your living space and enjoy your garden at the same time. The system is ideal for large rooms and offers you an extensive space and a modern and contemporary style. The doors, shaped like a concertina, allow you to open on the garden, terrace or to level the boundary between the two areas. If you're interested in adding Bi-fold doors to your conservatory visit our doors page for more information.



Colour is one of the most important features of your conservatory, they impact the overall aesthetic of your conservatory so it's important to choose wisely. When it comes to summer it's important to choose colours that will be enhanced by the additional hours of daylight such as cool pastel colours which will give the room light and airy atmosphere or light shades of blue and green which will give the impression of a bigger space. Or add to the summer theme and go for pink or yellow. However, to add colour doesn't mean you have to necessarily paint the walls you could opt for some colour paintings, cushions or canvases do add that extra pop to your conservatory.




Blinds are a common feature in conservatoires because of their dual functionality of being of not only make the room more decorative but reduce sun glare and increase privacy creating a comfortable and attractive room. They also have an advantage in winter by containing the heat inside the conservatory. If you're interested in purchasing some blind visit our blinds page here.


Connect the kitchen

Bring Your Inside Furniture Out

A trend that continues to grow in conservatory interior design is bringing your living room furniture out to the conservatory. Measure up your sofas and chairs and if you can bring them into your conservatory. This can be a good way to add a touch of style to your conservatory and is also a good idea if you have a large family whether you want all gather around during the summer evenings or if you want a relaxing 5 minutes alone. We suggest using a muted shade to blend into the natural theme of your conservatory or add a bit of luxury and go velvet or leather.


If you don’t have a conservatory, but would like to add a bright, seamless extension to your home, visit our conservatories site and make sure you do it right the first time. Get in touch with us for a free, no-obligation quote.

To see our cane and garden furniture ranges head over to Park Furnishers or come visit us in our Bristol store.

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