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7 Furniture Essentials For Your Home

Whether you're moving into your new home or you're looking to give you're a house a spring clean ready for the new season there are furniture essentials that every home needs particularly in the rooms you use the most. Whether you’re looking for a sumptuous sofa to relax and unwind, a divine dining set for family meals or a blissful bed to help you drift off at night, you’ll discover the perfect piece for every room at Park Furnishers. It's important to update your home furniture every so often to keep your home update to date and refreshed, be that with a new sofa, carpet or wardrobe they're all essential to your home and allow you to operate on a daily basis, which is why we've rounded up all furniture essentials that we think every home needs old or new.



(The Sophia Corner Sofa)

When creating the perfect, comfortable living room the sofa simply cannot be left out (and matching chairs if space allows). What's the point having a living room if there's nowhere comfortable to sit, so make sure you pick one up as soon as possible. However, when purchasing a sofa you'll need to take size into consideration and be sure to measure your living room beforehand so you know just what size sofa you'll be able to purchase. Although a large corner sofa does sound appealing, if you have a smaller space such as an apartment, it maybe wouldn't be the most ideal choice. Shop around and spend time researching the right choice sofa for you, there are many sofa options from large corner sofas to compact 2 seaters to love seats. If the cost of a sofa is too pricey you could maybe start with a love seat, they're slightly smaller than a regular sofa and a little less expensive.

Dining Set

Dining Set

(The Stockholm Dining Set)

Dining tables are imperative, they're at the heart of every home and the main hub at the start and end of the day. They're multi-functional and perfect for family meals, hosting parties or using it as a working area—basically everything besides sleeping, the dining table is essential for turning your house into a home. Certain dining tables vary for certain size dining rooms, we suggest using a gate leg dining table if you have a smaller space or an extending dining table if you have a slightly larger space (although the right size extending table could work in smaller spaces too.)



(Pierra Wide Sideboard)

The sideboard is a good investment piece for any living and dining room and can act as a useful storage space for your belongings. Every home needs storage no matter how big or small especially for all the little bits and bobs you have lying around and the sideboard is an essential piece of storage for any home. A solid wood sideboard can add some traditional style and gravitas to your space and tend to be more durable especially if you opt for oak or mahogany however you could opt for a more contemporary sideboard like this Pierra wide sideboard which is a clean design features a ceramic on glass top and stainless steel feet which adds a more modern touch to your home.



(Garden Trading Oak Shelf Ladder)


keeping your space clean and de-cluttered is essential for keeping your living and dining looking at its best but you may not have space for a sideboard or display unit so we suggest switching to shelving. Displaying your favourite items on shelving is a great way of keeping your space clean and tidy without taking up any ground space but its a great way also displaying your possessions as an art form. However, it's important not to clutter your shelves with too many possessions you want to keep it simple a busy shelve will distract from the clean aesthetic of the shelve. We love this example from Garden trading, a raw oak shelf ladder provides a quirky yet practical solution to all your storage and shelving needs. With its clean lines and simple shape modelled on the traditional stepladder, this individual wooden shelving unit will add a little bit of style to any room. And its timeless Shaker-style design means that it will look great in both a modern and a more traditional setting.



(Rest Assured Pablo 2000 2 Drawer Ottoman Bed)

The next piece of essential furniture is the bed, arguably the most important piece of furniture in the home. The bed should be your first priority seeing as you're going to be spending a lot of your time there. Although a big glamorous bed is a nice novelty to have the mattress is the most important part, a good quality mattress is important to getting a good night's sleep and leave you feeling refreshed and energised.  A good mattress will also last double the period of poor mattress. It is also important to choose a mattress depending on your personal features such as age, height and any other body factors such as pain or weaknesses. And as for the bedframe, all you really need is a basic bed frame but feel free to get as luxurious bedframe as you'd like.



(Piacenza Wardrobe)

The bed is not the only piece of essential bedroom furniture, we all need a place to store our clothes and accessories which is why a wardrobe is an essential part of the bedroom space. There are different varieties of wardrobe that are suitable for different sized bedrooms so it's important to consider how you want to use your space and how much space you are able to utilize. Wardrobes with extra drawers save extra space, while wardrobes with mirrors such as the Piacenza pictured above will bounce the light around the room making it feel bigger. It's important to remember to measure up your bedroom before purchasing your wardrobe so you can guarantee it will fit perfectly.

Carpets and Rugs


(Jet Damask Carpet From Brinton)

Although a carpet is not furniture it is, however, an essential item for home furnishing and when chosen properly it anchors a space and gives a warm and inviting feel to a room. And depending on the style you choose, such as the Brinton carpet pictured above can double up as art.  A carpet is also multifunctional and can work in any room or space, whether you chose to lay in your living room or the stairs a carpet is a welcome addition to any home. However, if you do not want a carpet taking up your space and you'd prefer hard flooring then a rug is a good alternative, both practical and cosy, a rug is the best of both world they come in different sizes so there's no need to take up the entire room with it but they can also act as a way to protect your carpet or hard flooring. Another quality of the rug is that they're adaptable and can be changed easily which means you don't necessarily have to stick o the same rug design all year round, you could maybe change the rug depending on the seasons getting a thicker one in winter for more warmth or a light one in summer to accentuate the room.

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