Preparing for your delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic

Should you develop any symptoms between us booking a delivery for you and the delivery taking place please contact us at [email protected] to advise us that the delivery will need to be rescheduled, if the symptoms occur on the day of delivery please advise the delivery drivers when they call to confirm timings.

Health and Safety is our top priority to protect both our customers and our delivery teams. Our delivery teams will adhere to very strict social distancing guidelines, they will be operating in a consistent team and with a consistent vehicle and will have the required PPE and sanitise their hands before and after delivery.  We thank you for your understanding and ask that you take the following steps to ensure everyone’s safety, if you don’t feel you can accommodate us please let us know and we will cancel the delivery and be back in contact to rearrange delivery as the situation and guidance moves on:

  1. When the drivers arrive all doors to the room of choice must be propped open before the drivers enter the premises.
  2. Furniture must have been moved in advance of delivery to allow sufficient space for delivery of the items and access to the destination room.
  3. We ask that the customer maintains a minimum of 2m distance at all times and vacates the destination room if it’s not possible to maintain the required distance.
  4. Our drivers have been asked to take a photo of the delivered items in situ rather than requiring a signature for the items.
  5. Where items are being exchanged or collected they should be isolated without use for a minimum of 72 hours prior to collection.

We ask our delivery teams to assess the situation and if they feel that they cannot safely deliver the goods will advise you of this and a manager will be in contact to discuss the situation as soon as possible afterwards.

Thank you for your understanding,

The Leekes Team

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